ATHENA: All the warmth of a room full of flavours, Collezione



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ATHENA: All the warmth of a room full of flavours, beauty, and light
ATHENA is the classic kitchen that hints at the typical Mediterranean setting full of flavours. A beautiful kitchen of the past perfect for a cosy atmosphere.
This model has been revamped drawing inspiration from the colours and emotions of the homes on the islands, in Provence, and in the entire Mediterranean area. ATHENA features the soft colours of nature in spring and autumn, the fragrance of rosemary, the hues of lavender, and the immensity of the sea.
All these ingredients are reflected in the pastel shades and in the everyday life in this part of the world.

ATHENA: FLORENCE: the classic kitchen for those who love tradition.
ATHENA is perfect for all those who want a traditional yet bright and airy kitchen with a warm and cosy atmosphere.
The revamped version with fresh and informal pastel colours is perfect for a younger audience.