Canova: the modern kitchen where even the wood it’s made Collezione



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Canova: the modern kitchen where even the wood it’s made of has a story to tell.
CANOVA is a modern kitchen that stems from the tactile and visual sensations provided by reclaimed, weathered, raw wood with visible grains and knots.
Old industrial floors, sheds, basic construction elements enriched with wood. Planks converted into cabinet doors and furnishings, which become part of everyday life and Berloni’s style.
The CANOVA range features smooth cabinet doors on a panel that maintains its clean-cut lines, thanks to the absence of the handles. The shape of the cabinet doors is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution that maintains the charm of the wooden plank with visible grains intact.

CANOVA: designed for young people who love wood with a weathered look.
The CANOVA kitchen is for those who like a contemporary, young style, are not afraid of emotions, and want to feel the warmth of wood and discover the story it tells.
CANOVA’s contemporary style makes it the perfect solution for eco-conscious people who want to protect nature and the world they live in. ​