PLAN: a new idea of modern kitchen. The name of Collezione



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PLAN: a new idea of modern kitchen.
The name of this modern kitchen says it all.
The PLAN range is a set of precise ideas embodied by straight lines and clear elements of demarcation. This model draws inspiration from vertical and horizontal lines, clean-cut volumes and shapes, and minimal yet refined design.
This range is enriched with materials that are popular in the latest architectural trends and in line with today’s rational furnishing concept.

PLAN stands out for its essential design and rational lines, expressed through its smooth squared cabinet doors, matt or gloss lacquer finishes, and veneered wood and Fenix ntm surfaces.

PLAN: the kitchen for those who love a geometric and minimal style.
PLAN is the Berloni kitchen that stands out for its minimal, essential design and meets the needs of the most forward-thinking architects and designers.
This range is for a modern and contemporary audience who like to keep up to date with the latest trends and prefers geometric shapes and a modern and rational style.